Advanced Stylist 
When did you join STRANDS: 
October 2013 
What are your STRANDS highlights so far: 
Love our team days out, Strands awards, I enjoyed doing Cardiff fashion week, and the Redken symposium London, 
What are your dreams, goals and ambitions: 
To work my way up the ladder at Strtands, to have a fully booked column of clients, and have a family one day 
What do you love about your job: 
Working with a lovely team, making people smile and being creative with colour 
In 3 words describe your personal style: 
Querkie, I am obsessed with Platform trainers, and love any thing fluffy 
Who are your favourite follows on Instagram: 
ddlovato, notanothersalon, showpo, hudabeauty 
Top holiday destinations: 
Mexico and Italy to snowboard 
Your playlist: 
House, dance, decades 
Favourite movie: 
Matilda, BFG, any thing disney 
What colour best describes you and why: 
Yellow because its vibrant, fun, happy 
fav book: 
fault in our stars 
What is your Fav food: 
Nandos, Roast dinner, BBQ 
What cant you live with out: 
My Dog Alfie Bear and Makeup and hot baths 
What do you love to do in your own time: 
Spend time with my friends, ice skating, shopping, dancing 
What is your fav drink: 
Love a cocktail and a good old cuppa tea 
Whose Hair would you love to do: 
Jason Mamoas 
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