Creative Director 
When did you join Strands: 
I joined Strands as an apprentice in 2004 
What are your STRANDS Highlights so far: 
Passing my Redken Colour Certification and working my way up to Creative Director 
What are your dreams and goals: 
To be happy healthy and the best version of me possible, and to have a happy, healthy family and make lots of amazing memories. 
What do you love about your Job: 
I love my team, work is fun when your with the right people. 
Who are your style icons; 
I like Hayley Bieber's style 
In 3 words describe your personal style: 
Random, Trainer lover, Dress how I feel 
Who are your favourite Instagram follows: 
Molly McFarlane, Rubytuesdaymathews, Loni Jane 
Top Holiday destinations: 
Greece, Thailand, Bali 
Your Playlist: 
Anything Reggae or Soul 
Favourite movie: 
The Labyrinth 
What colour best describes you and why: 
Blue-signifies Peace, Loyalty, and Reliability 
Fav Book: 
I don't have a fav book I just don't get time to read. 
What is your fav food: 
What cant you live with out: 
What do you love to do in your own time: 
If I get any time with out the kids I would do my hair and my nails. 
Whats your fav drink
Coffee and Mojitos 
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