Managing Director 
When did you join Strands: 
I opened Strands in November 1989 
What are your STRANDS Highlights so far: 
There have been just too many to list! but up there would be 2 stand out moments 
1.Being the first salon in the country to be givenThe Creative Head Most Wanted Hairdressing Legend Award 
2. Watching Kelly on stage in Vegas in front of 10,000 hairdressers from all over the world very emotional !!! 
What are your dreams and goals: 
To keep Strands at the Top keep my salon family thriving, Happy Family. 
What do you love about your Job: 
I love the people I work with every day is fun, 
Who are your style icons; 
Oh my well it used to be Debbie Harry, any thing a bit punk, but now I am more Dawn French. 
In 3 words describe your personal style: 
Casual, Chaos, Baggy 
Who are your favourite Instagram follows: 
Any thing hair and Conchita 
Top Holiday destinations: 
A Greek Island 
Your Playlist: 
I love music radio 2 is on at home all day I love soul, disco, 70’s but my all time fave album is Roumours Fleetwood Mac 
Favourite movie: 
Dirty Dancing and The Greatest Showman 
What colour best describes you and why: 
I only wear black but thats not really my colour !! I would like to say yellow because its bright and fun 
Fav Book: 
Any girlie happy ending love story 
What is your fav food: 
What cant you live with out: 
My family 
What do you love to do in your own time: 
Potter about in the garden spend time with my family I love to have my grandchildren that is just the best 
Whats your fav drink: 
Bubbles Darling 
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